Photography for Clearwell Caves New Website.

We had a call from the lovely Factor 3 recently and were presented with a very interesting job, one that we weren't even sure we could take on as it would be the most technically challenging to date.

Factor 3 have rebranded the amazing Clearwell Caves in Coleford and are designing a new website to modernise and expand their reach to attract new customers. Our brief was to create a series of epic, interior stills to show off the beautiful colour and textures of the caves.

Photographers in the past have just used a lot of flash and flattened the structure which you can understand as it's almost pitch black in there so we needed to see it first and then capture some test shots to understand and work out how we would approach something like this.

We began using what ambient light we had and then bought some portable fluorescent tubes to use as uplighting to retain texture and contrast on the rock and used some warming gels in order to have a mixture of colour temperature and this proved to be the perfect solution.

The shoot was a huge success- we were able to create imagery that looked so sharp it felt like you could reach out and touch the rock! We can not wait to see the new website finished but for now here are some of the stills that are likely to feature;